Introducing Open Orchestra Sessions with Hollywood Scoring – Build your portfolio with Hollywood’s finest musicians at the historic Warner Brothers scoring stage!

Hollywood’s recording history is legendary – dating back almost a century to the late 1920’s at the invention of talkies. And still to this to day, there’s no better location to record your music than here in Los Angeles. And for the first time, composers – regardless of their location – can experience what it’s like to record with the best studio musicians at the iconic Warner Brothers scoring stage with legendary mixer, Dennis Sands, and music preparation by JoAnn Kane Music Service.

As a world first, composers can now book sessions online by the timeslot – with no hourly minimum – and you can post your music on your website, Facebook page, Soundcloud account, or any site to promote you or your music. These sessions serve as a great opportunity to build your demo portfolio using a world-class team and let your potential clients hear your work as it is meant to be heard.

At Hollywood Scoring, we want to share the experience of having your music come to life with the world-class team who’ve defined motion picture scoring.

How This Project Came to Be

At Hollywood Scoring, our mission is to open up the Los Angeles scoring industry to the world. And recently, we saw an opportunity to offer a new paradigm in the way that composers can differentiate themselves in an over saturated pool of talent.

Successful composers set themselves apart with unique portfolios, and the best way to make a lasting impression with your is work is to have professional musicians realize your music. In a sample-heavy industry, a refined, human element can make all the difference in creating a portfolio that rises above the noise.

December 2015

The inaugural Open Orchestra Session will take place at Warner Brothers historic Eastwood Scoring Stage on December 14, 2015. Read below about the pricing of our basic package and other premium offerings.

Musician List 

There will be 61 musicians total.

  • Violin I: 12
  • Violin II: 10
  • Viola: 6
  • Cello: 6
  • Bass: 4
  • Flute: 2 (one double piccolo)
  • Oboe: 2 (one double English Horn)
  • Clarinet: 2 (one double Bass Clarinet)
  • Bassoon: 2 (one double contrabassoon)
  • French Horns: 4
  • Trumpets: 3
  • Trombones: 3 (one bass trombone)
  • Tuba: 1
  • Timpani: 1 (standard 4 drums)
  • Percussion: 3 (bass drum, snare drum, xylophone, glockenspiel, cymbals)

The Basic Package

The Basic Package total cost is a limited introductory cost of $6,500, which includes all of the following:

  • 50 minutes to record with a 61-piece orchestra at the Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage 
  • Music preparation and Librarian services provided by JoAnn Kane Music Service (must deliver completed scores for part creation and printing)
  • Live preliminary stereo mix by Dennis Sands included
  • Complete Pro Tools session within 24 hours
  • Autographed score by the entire scoring team
  • If present at the session, a picture taken with the entire orchestra
  • Opportunity to conduct your music – or a conductor will be provided

To purchase the basic package and to learn more of the basic applicant guidelines, contact

*Music recorded during this demo session may only be used for demonstration purposes. It may not be licensed, re-branded, sold or used in any media other than this demo without written consent from Hollywood Scoring LLC. Please do not take advantage of the professional musicians, engineers, copyists and studio staff who are all working at reduced demo rates to facilitate this project by using this music for anything other than its intended purpose. Thank you!*

Please read our HWS Open Orchestra Sessions Guidelines for complete composer guidelines and deadlines.

Optional Premium Add-Ons

Please contact for an adjusted rate if purchasing any of following premium offerings:

  • Orchestration services through JoAnn Kane (in addition to standard music preparation services)
  • Polished Mixing by Dennis Sands after the session (in addition to standard preliminary stereo mix from the scoring stage)
  • Optional edited music video recording of your session 


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Warner Brothers

The Historic Eastwood Scoring Stage was originally built in 1929 and continues to attract the industry’s top talent. This exquisite 5,000 square foot stage accommodates full sized orchestras and has been the first choice for countless blockbuster feature films and television series, including most recently FROZEN, MAN OF STEEL, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, RATATOUILLE, LOST, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and so many more. 

Dennis Sands

Dennis Sands, Dennis Sandsa four-time Oscar nominee, is one of the most sought-after mixers in Hollywood. With an illustrious career spanning 35 years, Dennis Sands has mixed over 240 film scores, including the legendary scores for BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS, FOREST GUMP, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, FINDING NEMO, THE POLAR EXPRESS, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, THE AVENGERS, ARGO, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, PACIFIC RIM, and so many more.

We are enormously honored to have Dennis on this project; his ears, equipment, and expertise is one of the most valuable components of our Open Orchestra Sessions.

JoAnn Kane Music Service

JoAnn KaneJoAnn Kane is the finest, most well-regarded music preparation company in the industry. Their credits include the largest blockbuster scores over the last several decades and their clients include film composers, arrangers, opera, jazz and popular singers, songwriters, classical cross-over artists, symphony orchestras, big bands, theater producers, videogame companies, television producers, music publishers and more.