Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I split the session with a friend?

Yes, but it’s up to you to coordinate with your friend for payment, sheet music delivery, mp3 and midi delivery, etc. Consequently, we do offer smaller 25 minute time-slots if you have a friend interested in only recording for half of the basic package recording time. 

Can I order a video of myself looking awesome on the podium?

Absolutely! We’ve partnered with a fantastic video production company to provide superior quality video coverage of your session for an additional premium add-on fee. For a breakdown of the cost, email

How long will it take to get the protools sessions if I am not present at the session?

We will upload all files to an online server for download within 24 hours of your session.

Can I use this music in something beyond the scope of just my website, YouTube, etc,? Say I want to use it in a video game, trailer or commercial for example? Or maybe a sampling session?

No. Music recorded during this demo session may only be used for demonstration purposes. It may not be licensed, re-branded, sold or used in any media other than this demo without written consent from Hollywood Scoring LLC. Please do not take advantage of the professional musicians, engineers, copyists and studio staff who are all working at reduced demo rates to facilitate this project by using this music for anything other than its intended purpose.

If you want to use our musicians for a project  other than this demo, great! We’d be happy to put a budget together tailored for your project to record here in LA with our world class music team. E-mail with details about your project and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Can I attend the session in person and bring my friends and family? 

Sure! We’d love to have you attend the session to offer notes, production direction and even conduct if you like. Our team at HWS can help direct and coordinate ground transportation and lodging for you. If you can’t make it in person, we’ll have our team on hand to help produce in the room and link with you over the Internet to get your feedback and notes.

Can I just sent an MP3 and midi, and have Hollywood Scoring/JoAnn Kane take care of the sheet music?

While the basic package does require that composers submit Sibelius or Finale files of the completed score, JoAnne Kane can orchestrate and create sheet music for your session for an additional premium fee. To get a quote for this service, email

What is the deadline for submitting materials? 

Once composers have submitted a written agreement and payment to Hollywood Scoring, they’ll need to provide a midi file, mp3, and sibelius or finale files of their scores by April 2, 2017. If JoAnne Kane will be creating the sheet music for you as part of the premium Orchestration Add-On, then the deadline to submit all materials is March 12, 2017.

What is the musician breakdown? 

There will be 62 musicians total.

  • Violin I: 12
  • Violin II: 10
  • Viola: 6
  • Cello: 6
  • Bass: 4
  • Flute: 2 (one double piccolo)
  • Oboe: 2 (one double English Horn)
  • Clarinet: 2 (one double Bass Clarinet)
  • Bassoon: 2 (one double contrabassoon)
  • French Horns: 4
  • Trumpets: 3
  • Trombones: 3 (one bass trombone)
  • Tuba: 1
  • Timpani: 1 (standard 4 drums)
  • Percussion: 3 (bass drum, snare drum, xylophone, glockenspiel, cymbals)
  • Piano: 1

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