From contracting, mock-up, mixing/mastering to remote video and audio Hollywood Scoring offers only the finest in music production and creation.


Motion Picture: Hollywood Scoring offers contracting services for motion pictures, pulling our musical talent from the most talented and seasoned session players in the world. The diversity and experience our musicians have to offer guarantees your score will be recorded to the highest quality level. Los Angeles studio musicians are fast and accurate and can record up to 10 minutes or more of finished score per hour, depending on complexity. Our scoring stages are unparalleled in the world, having three of the best venues to record orchestral movie music. A scoring session in Los Angeles is an experience that few have experienced, but through our service we can make it happen for your project with the best crew, musicians, engineers and studio.

The American Federation of Musicians offers a tiered scale (based on the budget of the production) for pricing which Hollywood Scoring uses to calculate the correct estimate for the project.

Currently rates are:
All 3 Hour Minimum calls
Standard Motion Picture (Budgets over $45 million): $92.20/ hour for over 35 musicians, $96.81/hour for 30-34 musicians, $101.42 for 24-29 musicians, $106.05 for 23 musicians or less.
Low Budget Motion Picture and TV Films (Budgets under $45 Millions and over $15 Million): $66.17/hour
Ultra Low Budget Motion Picture (Budgets under $15 Million): $56.90/hour

*Not including Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes

These agreements are available to all movie makers as a single project agreement, meaning that there would be no obligation for future projects to record under and AFM agreement, but only obligates the single project for which it is signed.

The Secondary market (such as DVDs, In Flight Movies, Movies on Demand, Free Television, etc) residual contribution is typically 30% of 1% on the producers gross (comes out to roughly $3000 per million dollars made in the secondary market. These figures are calculated on the secondary market earnings only, not the domestic or foreign box office numbers.
Trailer Library: Hollywood Scoring is proud to have been the first company to successfully negotiate an AFM agreement to facilitate the recording of music specifically licensable for trailers and promotional material. This new niche market is fast becoming an area that needs high quality large scale orchestral sessions and needs them quickly. The agreement allows our clients to record an unlimited amount of material with the flexibility of a buyout if needed. Once recorded, our clients may license a track from the library album, for example to motion picture production to have picture cut for a wide release trailer.

Our turnaround for a Library Project is fast, we can have a session for you in a matter of days from start to finish. This includes using our transcription, orchestration and copying service. Having all entities in house means no delays for your session.

Current rates are:
3 Hour Minimum session
-Schedule A (non combined use): 1-14 musicians $100/hour, 15 or more musicians $85/hour
-Schedule B (combined use): 1-14 musicians $145/hour, 15 or more musicians $125/hour

-Sweetening Session (combined use only): 5 of fewer musicians, $175/hour, unlimited overdubs, 90 minute minimum session
**Not including Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes


Video Games:
Hollywood Scoring has worked with music production and contracting with some of the largest game developers in the world. Recently, the AFM released a new video game agreement that no longer includes a buyout option. We are happy to help broker a deal for clients to facilitate a buyout agreement on a per project basis with the AFM that offers competitive rates along with a quick turnaround. Please send an email via our “contact us” page to discuss your project’s specific needs

The current AFM game agreement has rates set at:
3 Hour Minimum session:
-25 or more musicians $100/hour
-24 musicians or less $115/hour
*Not including Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes

15,000 units of physical soundtrack release is included at no extra charge. A “making of DVD” or press kit is included for no additional charge.
Music recorded, copied, orchestrated or prepared under this Agreement can be used in any repackaged, re-released or bundled version of the original product, including expansions packs, add-ons, patches or updates of product, without any additional payment and is considered original product. All music made pursuant to this agreement may also be used without charge in successor/ sequel releases provided that any new music which is recorded for that sequel/ successor product, is recorded using the AFM Video Game Agreement which is then in effect.

Sound Recording:
Any music recorded for an album, artist or similar would be under the AFM sound recording agreement. There are many tiers of this agreement depending on the scope, use and budget of your project. Demo sessions can be as low as $30/hour per musician (see our demo page for more detailed information), as well as the “limited pressing” agreement that allows for a low scale for projects with a small amount of release and the low budget recording which covers projects under $99,000.

There are many different scenarios and options with a sound recording. If you have a project that you’d like to record here in Los Angeles, send us a message at our “contact us” page and we’ll be happy to let you know of the options that fit with your budget.

Demo Recording:
Hollywood Scoring can put together a demonstration session for clients looking to build their musical portfolio, specific cues to audition for projects or anything similar. These recordings can only be used for personal use, presentations to producers, employers, contractors, agents, purchasers, or institutions for the purpose of: promoting the composition or arrangement recorded or obtaining employment for the performers. A reduced rate comes along with the ability to use Los Angeles musicians and our fantastic recording infrastructure. This is a great way for composers to record their own music that have always wondered what it would be like to have your own Hollywood recording session.

Material recorded under the demo agreement can not be used for any other media other than for what it was intended without filling a new appropriate AFM agreement covering the scope of the project.

Hollywood Scoring’s in house mock up and music prep. departments can also offer high quality hybrid sampled orchestra to mix along with your live orchestral session, giving you the most accurate and high quality demos around. If you’re interested in this service, send us a message on our “contact us” form. We often get great results with a 30-40 piece live orchestra supplementing a sampled orchestra.

Basic Scale
1-15 musicians $40/hour
16-30 musicians $35/hour
more than 30 musicians $30/hour
*Not including Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes
We also offer package rates of $6000/hour for composers looking for just one hour with a 60 piece orchestra at a demo rate. These session days have six one hour slots and can be booked by the hour. That includes studio rental, midi transcription, music prep, orchestration, engineer and musicians. All you have to do is show up. If you’re interested email: and we’ll let you know when our next session is scheduled.

Independent/Festival/Student Films
A special agreement covering independent productions (festival and student film) exists to help facilitate the recording of these scores and allow smaller budget productions to use the services of AFM musicians. This scale is only available to productions under $2 million and can only be exhibited at film festivals, to prospective distributors/buyers or commercially. The project may release up to 5000 units of soundtrack without payment.

If the Picture is ever released for secondary commercial exhibition (including but not limited to Cable or Free Television, DVD or New Media exhibition), the Producer shall make payments for such additional exhibition as required under the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund Agreement and that document is incorporated into this document by reference. Such Payments will be at 1.8% of 20% of “Producer Gross” formula rate described for Electronic Sell-Through (EST) in the AFM New Media Sideletter.
Basic Scale:
3 hour minimum session
$48/hour for 9 or fewer musicians
$44/hour for 10 to 24 musicians
$40/hour for 25 or more musicians
*Not including Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes

Live Performance
Hollywood Scoring has many years of experience with contracting and production of live performance concerts and shows. We can handle all aspects of music on a live production from rental equipment, to musical transcriptions, to musician contracting, soloists and conductors.

Notably, Hollywood Scoring produced the live orchestra for the 2012 and 2016 League of Legends World Championships which featured a performance by our 40 piece orchestra streamed live to over 8 million people on the internet.

If you have a project or artist needing a live orchestral or any musical service, we can make it happen from start to finish. Send us and email and we’d be glad to give you an estimate for any services you need.

Vocal and Choir
Many musical scores and projects require voices and Hollywood Scoring is happy to help coordinate and budget whatever vocal needs your project might need. From large scale epic 60-100 piece choir to ethnic singers to soloists, we can help get you the sound you need.

Pricing and budget estimates on request. Send us an email to inquire.

Often times we find that composers are looking for a very specific exotic sound. Hollywood Scoring has access to some of the finest ethnic and exotic instrumental session soloists in the world. These players are experts at improvisation and can bring a variety of instruments and styles to craft your piece on the spot. These can be some of the most exciting sessions to attend and can create a unique one of a kind feel for your musical pieces.

There is a flat rate for this kind of work and includes all overdubs and doubled instruments in the rate. If you’re interested in booking a solo session with one of our featured musicians, please contact us via email.

This service offers composers the chance to have their piece professionally built with computer sampled orchestral instruments to get the closest approximation of a real orchestra recording. Hollywood Scoring has one of the best mock up teams in the world and can deliver the most convincing and highest quality mockup.

Mockups can be created two different ways:
– From a finished product: fully mixed and mastered and ready to be used in media. Our source must be from a completed and fully orchestrated musical score. $300/minute of music
– From a sketch: a composer can give Hollywood Scoring an mp3 or midi sequencer and our staff will fully orchestrate and mock-up the music to a finished product, fully mixed and mastered and ready to be used in media. $465/minute

Additionally, Hollywood Scoring can mockup your piece and create a hybrid orchestral score, using live musicians to “sweeten” the score and make it sound more organic and realistic.

Hollywood Scoring offers musical composition from our talented team of composers, lead by Michael Patti and Michael Barry. Our team works collaboratively with producers and directors to create exactly the vibe and feel of musical compositions whether they are to picture, for stand alone pieces or ambient background for video games.

Compositions for video games, trailers, motion pictures, television, commercials and sound design are our specialty.

Notably, “Summoners Call” was composed for the 2012 League of Legends World Championship by our Hollywood Scoring team and has been heard around the world by millions of League of Legends fans.

– Orchestration:
Hollywood Scoring has a versatile team of orchestrators that can create the perfect balance of instrumentation and distribution of parts for whatever musical needs your project requires. Our team is experienced with orchestration for live recording sessions, live performance and for orchestrating to make mock ups sound as realistic as possible. $325/minute of music

– Copying:
The process of taking orchestration and extracting individual parts and scores for musicians to play at the live session or performance. This is a detailed process making sure margins are correct, measures are the optimal size for reading, score notes are included, dynamics, tempos are all in sync with the time code. Printing parts and taping them together. $125/minute of music

The final step in the production of your musical project. Hollywood Scoring has access to some of the best mixers in the world, most notably Dennis Sands (imdb for Dennis). The detailed process of mixing and mastering takes all of the raw material recorded live at the session and balances each individual part to create the best sounding musical product. Mastering balances out all of the highs and lows so the music sounds even on whatever medium it is being played through.



Hollywood Scoring offers remote recording via the internet to the global economy. Clients can be in any foreign company and be patched into a recording session via HD steaming to interact with session leaders, engineers and musicians to craft the exact musical sound they desire all from the comfort of their home studio. This saves on travel expenses and time delays but still gives access to the best session musicians and the best recording studios in the world.