The world’s finest studio musicians and the historic scoring stages of Hollywood.


The “Hollywood Scoring Orchestra” roster is assembled from the most talented and seasoned session musicians in Los Angeles. In any genre or style, from large orchestral to small jazz ensembles, the diversity and experience our players offer guarantees that your music will be recorded at the highest quality. Los Angeles studio musicians can record up to ten minutes or more of finished score per hour, depending on complexity. Our recording studios are unparalleled in Los Angeles, including three legendary scoring stages, and a variety of world-class middle sized and smaller studios on hand. A scoring session in Hollywood is an unbeatable experience, and one that every composer should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Note: Whatever your music budget, project requirements, or contract limitations, Hollywood Scoring can make this happen for you. The information below can be daunting and complex, and your project may not appear to fit into any of these categories. The world of scoring has changed, the media industry has changed, and we understand this more than anyone! If you don’t think your project fits within any of the categories below, but still want to take advantage of these great resources, e-mail us and we’ll make it happen. Period.

Motion Picture

Hollywood Scoring offers contracting services for all motion pictures. The American Federation of Musicians offers a tiered scale (based on the budget of the production) for pricing, which Hollywood Scoring uses to calculate a correct estimate for the project.

Currently rates are:

All 3 Hour Minimum calls

  • Standard Motion Picture (Budgets over $45 million): $92.20/ hour for over 35 musicians, $96.81/hour for 30-34 musicians, $101.42 for 24-29 musicians, $106.05 for 23 musicians or less. *
  • Low Budget Motion Picture and TV Films (Budgets under $45 million and over $15 million): $66.17/hour *
  • Ultra Low Budget Motion Picture (Budgets under $15 million): $56.90/hour *

Note: These agreements are available to all movie makers as a single project agreement. This means that you are free to use this contract only once, and are not obligated to do future projects with the AFM.

The Secondary market (such as DVDs, In Flight Movies, Movies on Demand, Free Television, etc) residual contribution is typically 0.3% of the producer’s gross earnings from these secondary market earnings only. Domestic or foreign box office numbers are not included.

Trailer Library

Hollywood Scoring is in the process of negotiating an AFM agreement to facilitate the recording of music specifically licensable for trailers and promotional material. This new niche market is fast becoming an area that needs high quality, large-scale orchestral sessions with fast turnaround. This new agreement would allow clients to record an unlimited amount of material with the flexibility of ownership of the material. Once recorded, our clients may license a track from the library album with a small percentage of each license contributing to the AFM Music Performance Trust Fund, a non-profit organization, which funds music performances in schools and communities across the country.

Hollywood Scoring specializes in this genre of music, and we understand the epic scale of this style of writing and recording. Our turnaround for a Library Project is fast, we can have a session recorded from start to finish in a matter of days. Optional services include everything from music prep, to printing parts, orchestration, demo mock-ups, pre-records, music contracting and anything in between. Also, having our music production team in-house means no delays for your session.

Additionally, we offer smaller “sweetening” sessions where a smaller orchestra layers overdubs on top of a computer generated musical score. This is a good solution when budgets and time are limited. Email for rates.

Video Games


Hollywood Scoring has produced music for some of the largest game developers in the world. Recently, the AFM released a new video game agreement that no longer includes an unencumbered buyout option. We understand the importance of a combined use buyout agreement for the video game industry, and can broker an agreement with the AFM that offers competitive rates and terms on a per-project basis. Email us, we’ll make it happen.

The current AFM game agreement has rates set at:

3 Hour Minimum session:

  • 25 or more musicians $100/hour *
  • 24 musicians or less $115/hour *

15,000 units of physical soundtrack release is included at no extra charge. A “making of DVD” or press kit is included for no additional charge.

Music recorded, copied, orchestrated or prepared under this agreement can be used in any repackaged, re-released or bundled version of the original product. This includes expansions packs, add-ons, patches or updates of the product, without any additional payment, and is considered original product. All music made pursuant to this agreement may also be used without charge in successor/sequel releases provided that any new music, which is recorded for that sequel/successor product, is recorded using the AFM Video Game Agreement, which is then in effect.


Music for television can be complicated to record. Time constraints and deadlines are always pressing in this fast-paced world. Hollywood Scoring offers contracting services as well as our optional music production services for television projects. Our projects range from syndicated television programs and live musicians for television, to recording a theme song.

Sound Recording (Phonograph)

Any music recorded for an album, artist or similar would be cast under the AFM sound recording agreement. There are many tiers of this agreement depending on the scope, use, and budget of your project. Demo sessions can be as low as $30/hour per musician (see our demo page for more detailed information). Then there are the “limited pressing” agreement, which allows for a lower scale for projects with a smaller number of releases, and the “low budget recording” agreement, which covers projects under $99,000.

There are many different scenarios and options with a sound recording. If you have a project that you’d like to record here in Los Angeles, send us a message and we’d be happy to let you know of the options that fit with your budget.

Theme Park

Sometimes music is needed for theme park attractions and other similar shows. These kinds of projects can be recorded under a variety of different scales, depending on the scope and use of your music. If you have a project that you think fits into this category, send us an email and we’d be happy to help find the best agreement and rate for your specific music.

Demo Recording

Hollywood Scoring can put together a demonstration session for clients looking to build their musical portfolio. These demo recordings can be set up for personal use, presentations to producers, employers, contractors, agents, purchasers, institutions with the purpose of promoting the composition or arrangement recorded, or obtaining employment for the performers. This is a great way for composers who have always wondered what it would be like to have their own Hollywood recording session to record their own music. This is the same scale used by the famous USC film scoring program.

Note: Now, here’s the deal: to keep the price so low, the material recorded under the demo agreement can’t be used for any other media other than for what it was intended without filling a new appropriate agreement covering the scope of the project. In other words, please respect the musicians by sticking to the usage plan. They are doing you a huge favor by playing for you at this rate! When you get the gig, hire them for what they’re worth!

Basic Scale
1 Hour Minimum session:

  • 1-15 musicians $40/hour *
  • 16-30 musicians $35/hour *
  • more than 30 musicians $30/hour *

Independent/Festival/Student Films

A special agreement covering independent productions (festival and student films) exists to help facilitate the recording of these scores, and allow smaller budget productions to use the services of AFM musicians. This scale is available to productions under $2 million, and can be exhibited at film festivals, to prospective distributors/buyers, or commercially. The project may release up to 5000 units of soundtrack for free.

If the picture is ever released for secondary commercial exhibition (such as Cable or Free Television, DVD or New Media exhibition), the producer shall make payments for such additional exhibition as required under the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund Agreement (that document is incorporated into this document by reference). Such payments will be at 1.8% of 20% of the “Producer Gross” formula rate described for Electronic Sell-Through (EST) in the AFM New Media Sideletter.

Note: That last paragraph made our eyes glaze over too. Send us an email and we’ll explain.

Basic Scale:
3 hour minimum session

  • $48/hour for 9 or fewer musicians *
  • $44/hour for 10 to 24 musicians *
  • $40/hour for 25 or more musicians *

Live Performance

Hollywood Scoring has many years of experience with contracting and production of live performance concerts and shows. We can handle all aspects of music on a live production, from rental equipment, and musical transcriptions, to musician contracting for soloists and conductors.

Notably, Hollywood Scoring produced the live orchestra for the 2012 League of Legends World Championships, which featured a performance by our 40 piece orchestra streamed live to over 8 million people on the internet.

If you have a project or artist that needs a live orchestral or any musical service, we can make it happen from start to finish. Send us an email and we’d be glad to give you an estimate for any services you need.

Vocal and Choir

Many musical scores and projects require voices, and Hollywood Scoring is happy to help coordinate and budget whatever vocal needs your project might need. From large-scale epic 60 – 100 piece choirs, to ethnic singers or soloists, we can help get you the sound you want.

Pricing and budget estimates on request. Send us an email to inquire.



Often times we find that composers are looking for a very specific exotic sound. Hollywood Scoring has access to some of the finest ethnic and exotic instrumental session soloists in the world. These players are experts at improvisation, and bring a variety of instruments and styles to help craft your piece on the spot. These can be some of the most exciting sessions to attend, and can create a unique one of a kind feel for your musical pieces.

There is a flat rate for this kind of work, which includes all overdubs and doubled instruments. If you’re interested in booking a solo session with one of our featured musicians, please contact us via email.

*Not including nominal costs for Benefits, Pension and Employer Taxes